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Friday, October 27, 2006

woohoo... got my CD and a gift

Friday, October 13, 2006

CD update and a Friday the 13th Freebie

Talked to SBB AE last 10.07 and she resend the cd and gave me a tracking number to track it down and will call her by Wednesday if the cd arrive or not. I tracked it down via tracking number in and it says it's already in Austin, 10.09 but still not here with me. So early in the morning, aroung 7:45 yesterday, I called the main post office to check with them and talked to Mr. Bob Robinson (our community post carrier) and He said that He hasn't seen yet and will going to get in touch with me when He has the cd. So ok, I can wait... but to think it's been 2 weeks now and its so hard to wait for the cd... and my patience is running out.

Late afternoon comes (around 5:30pm) when I drove DD on her Kumon, I saw Mr. Postman on our community Mail Kiosk and went to approach and talked to him about the cd in person... Now he knew me in person and not just on the phone and He promised me that He'll find my cd and give it a day or two maybe it's just rerouting on the main office... Ok, I said, I wait for 2 days and if ever I didn't receive my cd... then I'll file complain 'cause thats the 2nd cd they sent me... I'm just wondering why it's just that cd... I already have cd/s fromt he music stores that I got the same day and this is just the one missing... ok, ok, will going to wait... means patience and keping my fingers crossed to arrive now ;)

Has anyone played on you on a Friday the 13th day?
Well... hahaha, someone played my alarm clock and I woke up late... instead of 5am it's already 7:00, yaiks! Good thing the school just near and Nicole's made fast forward quick bath, eat and run with Daddy... Oh well, even the house alarm's playing with us since last night too... making an high pitch sound every 2 hours but we haven't switch it on so how come it will play a sound on his own... go figure?

Hey, it's my sister's birthday... hehehe, the infamous Friday the 13th lady... hehehe, j/k! Happy Birthday Cocoon! Hope you have an awesome special day!

Sorry to hear about your Ipod and Stereo that was stolen a day before your birthday... nice gift ha?!? (Oh yeah, it was stolen in front of her office yesterday inside her car in Makati, Phils.) Geez, people doesn't know what they're doing... grrrr! Anyway, alert the authorities and tell big brother to get help from higher ups in there... too bad I'm not there to get them... oh well, thats life!

Ok, enough with that craziness... In celebration for my sister Cocoon's Friday the 13th Birthday (yes, She was born on the Friday the 13th day too). Here's a freebie for all who wants it... ;)

You can download the BOO-dalicious Card here made with my BOO-dalicious kit (hehehe... it was named by my kids and dh) that will soon to be release at

Okidoks, thanks reading as well as enjoy the freebie as much as I've enjoyed making it... and look forward to some more freebies to come in the future...


Friday, October 06, 2006

still SAD and a bit good News

SAD... because the Colorfully You CD isn't here yet and I even called SBB again at their site number and leaved messages to Amy Edwards voicemail and wrote a message to their contact us at SBB store as well as email them again and still no response... Sigh, don't know what to do with that CD problem with them...

Sometimes am thinking or somwhat wondering, why did I bought the cd in there... Can I just buy it directly to the designer even w/o the coupon...??? Oh well... tsk, tsk, tsk... badtrip!

Anyway, despite of the non-CD thingie badtrip days... Got some great news... I know we just move in to a different apt. this Aug. and now... We've decided to look for a house now... Don't know if we can still get a new one here in the neighborhood 'cause this community has an old time neighborhood but the schools are exemplary so we will not go anywhere but here... New or Not it's ok as long as it would be a own house... Teehee!

Despite of whats happening with me nowadays... been busy here and there... I'm still working with my 2 new kits... Halloween and Fall one... still in the making though but soon I'll be putting some freebies here too. So watch out fellas... hehehe ;)

Here's what I did the other day but I forgot to post it... having an oldie thingie...

Autumn Blends October Megakit by The Scrapping Garden Team that is available at the Store.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Got a new look?

Hey, I got a new look... do you like it? Of course, I'm so loving it!

Special Thanks to Shabby Princess for the awesome blog bundle banners she made! I'm using one of the bundle blog banner.

A bit Happy & Sad

I attended Robin Cabana's new Colorfully You Collection crop at SBB (first time to attend a crop again at SBB since Aug. '05) and won a coupon for her new Colorfully You Collection... And I bought the CD version... She's one of my favorite Scrapdish Designers and one of the Designers I'm looking up too ;).

I bought the cd last Sept 24 (because I wanted to be package nicely and will be going to put on my cd collection) but still I haven't receive anything... I emailed and called SBB and even talked to the owner but still no cd delivered to my place. I'm not sure why this is happening 'cause awhile back when I ordered cd from them it only took 3 days and I already have it...But now... it's been a week or been 10 days now and still not here... wonder why? If I should've known that this will take this long, I should've ordered the downloadables rather than cd version itself... Now, thats a hard lesson for me...

My excitement on the cd is slowly fading but I'm still waiting for it 'cause I know that the cd has an awesome kits to play with... just couldn't wait to play with it when it's already on my hands... Ok, ok... I'll wait more days... Just hoping its not missing (now I'm thinking other ways)... do hope and wish, NOT!